Snails to Watch Out For

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These snails shouldn't be in Angle Pond.

The Chinese mystery snail, black snail, or trapdoor snail, is a large freshwater snail with gill. Though native to East Asia from the tropics of Indochina to northern China, this species has established itself in North America, and has become a problematic invasive species in many areas.

The good, native snails for Angle Pond have this classic horn, spiral form.

The ramshorn snails or ram’s horn snails is a family of air-breathing freshwater snails, aquatic pulmonate gastropod mollusks. Many of the species in this family have coiled shells that are more or less coiled flat, rather than having an elevated spire.

If left unchecked, the Chinese snails will continue to overtake the pond.

If you find a Chinese snail, please remove and destroy it.

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