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                                                                              Fall 2022 Meeting – Minutes

                                                                                   Wednesday 12 October 2022

                                                                                         Hampstead Library



President – George Frick

Vice President – Jerry Theriault

Secretary – Linda Riha

Treasurer – Louise Sayer

Member-at-large – Steve Shatford

Attendees:   ~40

Start: 6:30 pm (No Speaker)

Introduction of board members

Secretary’s Report

See minutes from 23 July 2022

Treasurer’s Report – Reported by Louise Sayer

Donated raffle gifts at the Summer Picnic, valued at $1,845, brought in $700+ to the APLA account.  Thank you to all that bought tickets!

Account balances post dues collected at the picnic:

Checking – $7,547

Savings – $7,351

CD – $11,904

Total Assets – $26,802

Communications Report

APLA has a new P.O. Box # 215, now in the Hampstead Post Office (no longer in East Hampstead).  It’s a smaller box but at a lower annual cost of $74.  New mailing address going forward:

APLA   P.O. Box # 215   Hampstead, NH 03841

Facebook and the APLA Website are being updated regularly by Lisa Botte and Sharon Frick, respectively. Meeting minutes have been added to the Website.

Jerry Theriault scheduled the Winter Carnival on the Lake (formerly the Ice Fishing Derby) for Saturday, 21 January 2023. (Make-up date of 11 February 2023)  The location is on the ice off the point by Vera’s house. Permits will be needed.  (Note: There will be a small hockey tournament on the lake 28&29 January 2023)

Summer Floatilla expected to be scheduled earlier than last year’s mid August event.

Summer Picnic meeting scheduled for Saturday, 15 July 2023 at Richie Towne’s home.

Jen Hogg had arranged for APLA merchandise (e.g. shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc.) to be available for purchase online through Atkinson Graphics.   24 items have been sold to date.  Jen will notify buyers when and where to pick up their items.  Still need to meet minimum of 36 items sold though.

Weed Committee Report – Reported by George Frick

Unfortunately, milfoil cannot be eradicated, once have it, have it forever.

4 members took courses on 26 & 27 August in Merrimack, Tommy for diving, Phil, Roger and George for milfoil pulling.  Courses resulted in a unique opportunity where the class came to our lake and dove for milfoil.  Milfoil removal continued throughout the season with 50 gallons of the weed being pulled year to date.

Pulling the weeds is the best and most economical way to control them.  Chemicals don’t get down to killing the roots of invasive species.  The Aqua Thruster, an underwater fan used for weed removal runs ~$3,000.  Bubblers do aerate and help with lily pads but the whole lake would have to be covered with bubblers for it to be effective.

Asking for volunteers to help with next year’s weed maintenance, especially divers.  APLA won’t pay for the diving certificate but will pay for the weed pulling course.

Anyone wishing to help, please contact the board at

Water Quality Report – Reported by Roger Zemke

Water samples are tested monthly.  To date, results are status quo, pretty stable from year to year.  A bit better this year, may be due to less runoff.  Test results will be posted on website.

Wildlife Report – Reported by Jim Hennemann

Trapped and caught a couple of beavers this fall without incident.  They like sassafras trees.

Member ReportReported by Steve Shatford

See minutes from 23 July 2022

President’s Report – Reported by George Frick

Looking for help from anyone who knows how to create a 501(c)(3) organization making APLA a Tax Exempt Charity.  Phillips Pond pays $700-800 annually to be a charitable event at Hampton Casino.  They made $15,000 in one event.

We had a “perfect storm” on the lake this summer with warm and stagnant water and then rain bringing fertilizer into the lake.  The result was a few small areas in the lake having Cyanobacteria which can result in illness for people and pets.  Cyanobacteria looks like “pond scum”.  If the water looks “gross”, it’s recommended you don’t swim in it.  Efforts were made to notify everyone after learning there was a couple of people who were sick after being in the water in those areas.  Attempts at notification were just that, to make people aware, not telling you what to do.

George met with reps from several area lakes, i.e. Country Pond, Long Pond, Phillips Pond, Kingston Lake and Pow Wow.  Unfortunately they have worse conditions such as invasive weeds and bacteria than we do. APLA needs to put a plan together for next spring to monitor the lake in an effort to keep ahead of these types of conditions.

Next APLA meeting will be held at the Hampstead Library on a Wednesday evening in May 2023.  Exact date forthcoming.

Members will be emailed with lake news, notifications and announcements as they arise.  Members need their email addresses on file with APLA in order to be included.

We’re always looking for lake history.  Anyone with a story, or photos who would like to share with the community on Facebook, please contact the board at

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm

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