Angle Pond Lake Association

Message from the President


Hello members and future members


Welcome to the Angle Pond Lake Association web site. I hope this will be a wonderful way for the board to keep members up to date on events and anticipate that it will be a good resource for the members.  I want to say thank you to Elliot Gould for taking the time to set up this web site, he has done an awesome job.

Angle Pond is located in the south eastern part of New Hampshire. The lake is located in both Hampstead and Sandown and is approximately 150 acres. It’s great for boating, fishing, swimming and in winter any sport that nature allows. It does not have public boat access.

The association was originally founded around 1942 but eventually became inactive until 2006 when a group of residents decided to reinstate the association. Members are property owners on the lake or have deeded beach rights.

The associations’ purpose is not to be policemen but to watch out for changes in the water quality and to slow down and stop if possible the invasion of harmful weeds or aquatic creatures. By having an association we can work hand in hand with the state and local government and ask for assistance if the lake incurs a major problem.

The association has three meetings a year with speakers addressing topics pertaining to our lake environment. At our summer cookout we collect dues of $40 a year to be put aside to address problems with the lake and cover any expenses.

Our committee members work hard to collect water samples, deliver them to Concord and track the results so the state can follow water quality trends. Another committee member surveys the shoreline looking for invasive species of weeds. We currently have Purple Loosestrife and Phragmities that volunteers are cutting down and covering to try to stop the spread. Chinese Snails which are invasive and multiply rapidly have also been found in the lake. If you see them, green spiral snail, take them out of the water and dispose of them.

Without our committee members and volunteers these invasive weeds would go unchecked. A handful of volunteers cannot be the only line of defense against these elements. This lake belongs to everyone who lives here and if you want your children and grandchildren to enjoy the lake as much as you have then everyone needs to be involved. Come to the meetings, pay your dues, learn which weeds are good or bad and what to do about it. If everyone took care of just their piece of shoreline what a help that would be.

Hope to see you on the lake,

Kathy Smith

President of Angle Pond Lake Association

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